Welcome, Puzzlers

Welcome to PuzzleBang 2015.

All PuzzleBang players, old and new, have hereby been invited to participate in a private casino event as a thank you for all the work they've done the past five years.

What is PuzzleBang?

PuzzleBang is an annual, week-long puzzle contest run by two UIUC alumni (Benjamin Juang, David Tan) during the ACM R|P conference. It started as a homage to PuzzleCrack, a similar puzzle contest and has since become an annual tradition.

PuzzleBang 2011 was awesome, PuzzleBang 2012 got better (especially in terms of prizes), PuzzleBang 2013 doubled our turnout, PuzzleBang 2014 was pretty epic, so Ben and David are back to confuddle and distract you from lectures and homework once again in 2015!

tl;dr : Here be puzzles. Fun is mandatory. Not having fun? Please tell us!