PuzzleBang Wrap-Up part 2 at 9/26 4:30pm CDT. Covering Saturday's puzzles & the MetaPuzzle. Come join to yell at us for this overly difficult puzzle.


Game Control

Benjamin Juang
Ben is a full-stack software engineer at Square. He graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from UIUC in 2008 and has been returning to UIUC annually to run PuzzleBang. Other side hobbies include consuming fantasy / science fiction, napping, and trying to teach his two cats new tricks. He can be found on the Twitters at @benjuang. And there's a tiny bit of public code on github account.

David Tan
David (also known as Dan) aka QA ninja. Running around, breaking all the things he touches, while still writing his legion of automation bots to do his work for him so he can play with his 3D printer. In his spare time he goes to hackathons because testers are coders also!!

Matthew Augustyn
Matthew (Scrub) is a Senior in Engineering Computer Science at UIUC. In his free time he likes to do a little bit of everything (including puzzles and ARGs of course), but mostly playing and developing games. (Oddly enough though he never seems to finish any of his projects...) One of these days he'll figure out how to ship a full game and you'll be able to see your reflection twice over in the polish. Check out whatever random stuff he's been doing over on his github!

Max Kopinsky
Max is a Math&CS senior at UIUC. When not in school, he works on formal verification technology and other programming language projects. He'll gladly spend 2 days automating a 15-minute task, and feel productive when he's done. Outside of programming, he enjoys casual video games, speedrunning, board games, billiards, and linguistics. Find him on Discord and say hi!

Guest Puzzle Authors

Katherine Pelesz
Katherine (Katya), also known as Jevette, is a security engineer at TikTok. She works in the field of breaking all sorts of systems and applications but has a keen interest in cryptography. She also enjoys other hobbies such as video games, speed boating and anime. Say hi on Twitter to @itsJevette!
Sue Tan
Sue runs around fixing the things that David (Dan) breaks, and makes stuff from various materials such as code, paper, fabric, and yarn. She is a software engineer with an industrial design degree, also from the same alma mater as Ben and David.

Testsolving organizer

Sharon Wong
Sharon is methodical about everything, from coding to writing to party planning. Outside of coordinating playtesting sessions for PuzzleBang, Sharon likes running on San Francisco streets, watching emotionally sensitive cartoons, and talking to strangers.


Dave Tu, Mark Levine, Wells Santo

PuzzleBang would like to additionally thank

A heartfelt thanks to everyone that helps run (/ manage / organize / herd) the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Illinois (ACM@UIUC). Without them, we wouldn't have the Reflections | Projections conference, and without the conference, there likely wouldn't be a PuzzleBang.

Last, but not least...

All of you! PuzzleBang would be meaningless without you lovely folks who come bash your heads against our puzzles. We love each and every one of you and want you to have fun, so please, let us know if you think you're not being challenged enough! (Or you're being challenged too much!)


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