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Benjamin Juang
Ben is a full-stack software engineer at Square. He graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from UIUC in 2008 and has been returning to UIUC annually to run PuzzleBang. Other side hobbies include consuming fantasy / science fiction, napping, and trying to teach his two cats new tricks. He can be found on the Twitters at @benjuang. And there's a tiny bit of public code on github account.

David Tan
David (also known as Dan) aka QA ninja. Running around, breaking all the things he touches, while still writing his legion of automation bots to do his work for him so he can play with his 3D printer. In his spare time he goes to hackathons because testers are coders also!!

Website, Puzzle Art, and Logo Design

Sue Tan
Sue runs around fixing the things that David (Dan) breaks, and makes stuff from various materials such as code, paper, fabric, and yarn. She is a software engineer with an industrial design degree, also from the same alma mater as Ben and David.


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PuzzleBang would like to additionally thank

A heartfelt thanks to everyone that helps run (/ manage / organize / herd) the student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Illinois (ACM@UIUC). Without them, we wouldn't have the Reflections | Projections conference, and without the conference, there likely wouldn't be a PuzzleBang.

Last, but not least...

All of you! PuzzleBang would be meaningless without you lovely folks who come bash your heads against our puzzles. We love each and every one of you and want you to have fun, so please, let us know if you think you're not being challenged enough! (Or you're being challenged too much!)


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